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Elaine Morgan, Certified Public Guardian

Elaine Morgan has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Medical Technology and she has extensive experience in working in medical clinics and hospitals, medical social services and as a trainer in medical diagnostics.  Before 2009, she acted as durable power of attorney for healthcare and finances for family members, dealing with complex healthcare issues and a large estate that included property and a family trust.

Elaine has acted as a community Facilitator for the Stanford program, Living Well with Chronic Conditions, sponsored by the Area Agency on Aging.  Elaine is a graduate of the University of Washington Certified Professional Guardian Program.

Elaine is bondable and insured.

Since becoming a WA state certified guardian in 2010, Elaine has worked mainly with the elderly, functioning as guardian, power of attorney or estate personal representative. She has taken on both private and DSHS cases.  She has expertise handling cases with complex medical conditions, acting as fiduciary for extensive estates, selling property and overseeing other financial resources.  Elaine has also coordinated her services with family trusts and she has extensive experience in handling complex family dynamics.

Kathy Traci, Certified Public Guardian

Kathleen Traci has a Doctorate in Administration.  As an administrator for a large metropolitan school district, Kathleen was fiscally responsible for a substantial annual budget, administration of federal and state grant funds, and the management of complex personnel and financial issues. Kathleen is a graduate of the University of Washington Certified Professional Guardian Program.

Kathleen is bondable and insured.

As Coordinator of community Wellness Support Groups and as a Facilitator for Washington’s Stanford University’s Program: Living Well with Chronic Conditions, Kathleen has experience in understanding the complex care and medical problems facing the elderly and their families.

Working as a Certified Professional Guardian since 2011, Kathleen has experience in the following fiduciary areas of expertise: Trustee of a Trust, Representative Payee (monitoring finances and paying expenses), Court Appointed Certified Professional Guardian of the Person/Estate (Private and Medicaid Cases), Power of Attorney, and Counselor/Coordinator of Medical Care and Living Arrangements.